Arrowhead Healthworks™ is a Integrative Medical / Naturopathic Consulting firm, Therapy Center , and website owned and operated by Carolyn Bormann, N.D. We serve clients locally as well as those from around the country, and accept referrals from privite physicians offices, therapy centers, etc. as well as participating in health expos and symposiums, legislative activities and educational seminars.
In addition to having a center where we see patients , we also are the U.S. Admin. Office/Case Coordinators doing new patient case reviews & preadmit work for Drs. Freeman and Rodriguez who own Europa Institute in Tijuana, Mexico. Based on the patient's own unique circumstances, preferences and case parameters, we discuss what types of therapies would seem reasonable to seek out and what is available from the contract clinics we're affiliated with. If there are services desired that neither us or my contract clinics can provide, I have quite a few other qualified referral sources I can point the patient toward for help across the US, Canada and Mexico.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to mold infestation, our center is currently closed. Until we can find suitable facilities, we're seeing patients at the Photo Studio in Blue Jay by Appointment. Please forgive the inconvenience. Pray for a good office location to open up !



I been affiliated with Europa Institute of Integrated Medicine from their very early days--they opened in 1990 and I joined their consulting team in 1993. They provide the best of Integrated Medicine, and have an advantage that alot of American physicians don't being located in Tijuana...
The clinic is located just 500 yards south of San Diego, California on the Mexican side of the Border. Many of our patients park on the US side and walk over for treatment or take one of the San Diego hotel shuttles. The clinic is owned and managed by Jeffrey Freeman, M.D.,A.A.F.P. and his physician wife, Dr. Sonia Rodriguez, M.D. We are fully licensed and registered with the Dept. of Health. In addition to our physicians, we have an excellent ICU-trained nurse named Maria (Mari for short) who can find a vein in just about anyone! Our front office manager is Carmen and she has schooled in the US and speaks excellent english.
Dr.Bormann knows the physicians needs and desires from her many years working and managing the clinic. Currently due to time and distance limitations, she is no longer working across the border in the clinic itself but functions primarily as the US patient coordinator doing case reviews, ordering labs and diagnostics on the US side, etc. to facilitate incoming new patients seeking therapy. After all the preliminary workups are done and the initial verbal consultation is done, then we schedule a physical exam by the physicans and an office visit to the TJ clinic.

Rapid Recovery Hyperbaric & Health Enhancement Center Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics : Home
Rapid Recovery was started in 1999 by Susan & Pat Rodriguez. They are both fully certified and trained in Medical Hyperbarics and as EMT's, and are continually upgrading their education and training. They have more than 10 years in the field. Susan started as a patient many years ago to help herself and her daughters recover from life-threatening illnesses. They are very professional and have a wonderful physician on staff as the Medical Director...Dr. Donald Underwood, D.O./M.D./J.D. who is also a licensed lawyer in addition to being a Trauma doctor and DO. He believes in offering the best of scientifically validated medicine, whether or not the consensus agrees with his opinions. We are so blessed to have them in the Inland Empire--such quality and clinical experience and for such reasonable rates!
The clinic currently has Safety certified monochambers and can treat approximately 3-6 people concurrently. Chambers can go to 6 atmospheres, although its not needed for the types of treatments given. They are open to "off-label" uses such as for stroke, diabetes, CFS/ME, and other conditions as long as the physician believes there is an indication which warrants it. All treatments are done under physician's RX . They've seen amazing things in brain injury cases like Cerebral Palsey and Stroke, etc. They are in the processing of offering i.v. chelation therapies as well as a host of other services in addition to the hyperbaric oxygen they provide at very reasonable rates.
The clinic is located off Waterman Ave. just south of Highland Ave. in San Bernardino, Calif. Patients coming from Arrowhead Healthworks are required to make their appointments through us to help facilitate things so I can get all the prelabs done ahead of time, etc. To make an appointment, call (909) 886-7626, or (909) 889-0517 (chamber treatment room).
Email is one of the best methods to get Susan--she answers very
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