Multiple Feature Mats Options To Use Alone or with our BioSpectra Saunas
(These are special order from the factory in Korea. We don't stock anything except demo units. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery once Factory is notified of the order)
FIR Heat / Neg. Ionization / Red LEDs
Far Infrared Heat 95+%
Frequency 5-20 nm, peak 9.12 nm
Heater Type: Siliconized Carbon Wire
Negative Ionization
Antibacterial Silver Impregnated Tourmanium Microbeads
Outter Cover is Waterproof Oxygord Cloth & Synthetic Suede
Separate Independent Controls of FIR Heat, Neg.Ion, LEDs
Heat range 30-70C / 104 - 158°F
Auto Shut Off for Safety
Shows Set Temp & Auto Read of Current Temp
Controller should be unplugged for storage
Folds into 3 sections in its own carrying bag
Size: 20"w x 60"L x 1.0"H.
Weight: 9 lbs.
Shipping Size & Weight: 25" x 22" x 6" / 15 lbs.
110 v /60 Hz
Power Consumption: 130 watts
International 220v/50 Hz.Available on Request
110/60 Hz. $1000.00
220v/50 Hz.$1100.00
Does Not Include S, H & I
BSM-3: Premium Professional Grade Mat W/ FIR Heat / Neg. Ionization / LED Photo Therapy / EMF Shielding/ Tourmanium Gem / Green Jade Gem / VLF PEMF
Far Infrared Heat 95+%
Heat range 100-160F
Heater Type: Siliconized Carbon Wire
Negative Ionization from Ceramic Beads & Emitter
Antibacterial Impregnated Ceramic Microbeads
108 Tourmaline & Germanium Gemstone Caboshons
36 Green Jade Gemstone Caboshons
36 Red Ultrabright LEDs, 660nm, 10,000 hr.
VLF Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy
(Frequency 3-30 Khz Acoustic range / 50-60 N/S pole pulses per sec, 400 gauss)
Separate Independent Control of FIR Heat, Neg.Ion, LED, PEMF
Size: 24"w x 60"L x 2"H.
Folds into 3 segments for easy transport in carrying bag
Weight: 16 lbs.
Shipping Size & Weight: 25" x 22" x 16" / 19 lbs.
110 v /60 Hz
Power Consumption: 150 watts
International 220v/50 Hz.Available on Request
ISO 2001:9001 
$1550.00 (110v /60Hz)
$1650.00 (220v/50 Hz)
 Does Not Include S, H & I
FIR Heat/ Neg. Ionization / Gem Grade CabochonTourmaline & Jade Stones
Far Infrared Heat 95+%,
Frequency 6-20 nm range / peak 9.12 nm
Heater Type : heavy duty siliconized carbon wire
Negative Ionization
Gemstone Cabochon Tourmaline (52) & (136) 2" Green Jade Stones
Outer Cover: Exterior Grade Waterproof Oxford Cloth & Synthetic Suede
Separate Controls for FIR Heat., Neg. Ion Functions
Heat Range: 30-70C / 104 - 158°F
Auto Shut Off Timer for Safety
Shows Set Temp & Auto Read of Current Temp
Folds into thirds for easy portability
Controller should be uplugged for storage.
Size Unfolded: 32"W x 72"L x 2.5"H
Unboxed Weight: 20 lbs /
Boxed for Shipment 32 lbs.
Shipping box size: 34"W x 22"L x 16"H
Power: 110v/60 Hz. or 220v / 50 Hz.
Power Consumption: 200 watts @ 100% power
Warranty: 1 year factory defect limited warranty.
$1095.00 (110v /60Hz)
$1195.00 ( 220v/50 Hz)
 Does Not Include S, H & I
95+% Far Infrared Emittence, Peaks around 9.2 micron, same as the earth
Higher % of Far Infrared Emission helps insure a comfortable experience and heating up the body from the inside >> out, to give the best detoxification of organs and tissues possible
Copper EMF / EMI Shielding Technology
Copper is the best mineral for reducing and eliminating harmful Electromagnectic Frequencies and Electromagnetic Interference. Same technology used by Military.
Negative Ionization From Emitter & Ceramic Microbeads or Amethyst Gemstones
Negative Ionization helps recharge cellular voltage naturally. It refreshes you (think walking along the beach) and helps offset the brain effects of too many positive ions. It helps balance and maintain the Autonomic Nervous System.
Silver Impregnated Ceramic Microbeads
Antibacterial. Prevents spread of disease. Helps keep it disinfected. Emits negative ions.
PHOTOTHERAPY: 10 mm Red Ultrabright LED Photo Therapy (660 nm peak) 10,000 hr. rated
  • INCREASES CIRCULATION by increasing the formation of new capillaries to replace damaged ones. New capillaries speed the healing process by carrying more oxygen and nutrients as well as faciliate waste removal.
  • STIMULATES COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: Collagen is the most common protein in the body. It is formed with vitamin C and amino acids and is used to repair damaged tissue. It is the matrix that holds cells together.
  • INCREASES RNA & DNA SYNTHESIS: This helps damaged cells be replaced promptly.
  • STIMULATES FIBROBLASTIC ACTIVITY: which aids in the repair process. Fibroblasts are cells which are present in connective tissue and capable of forming collgen fibers.
  • STIMULATES TISSUE GRANULATION: which are connective tissue projections necessary for wound healing / tissue repair.
  • STIMULATES THE RELEASE OF ATP BY THE CELL: ATP is the major carrier of energy to all cells. Increases in ATP allow cells to accept nutrients faster and rid themselves of waste faster by increased energy level. All food must be turned into ATP before being used by cell. ATP provides the energy which drives the cellular enzymes and mechanisms.
  • INCREASES LYMPHATIC ACTIVITY & REDUCES EDEMA: Edema/ Swelling is the natural "splinting" process of the body to imobilize a damaged area. It has 2 basic components: 1: a liquid (lymph fluid) which can be evacuated by the blood/vascular system. 2) Proteins which have to be removed by the lymhatic system (no pump...manual). Research shows that lymph vessels diameter and flow can be doubled with the use of the red light. Venous diameter and arterial diameters are also increased. This means that both elements in Edema (liquid & protein) can be moved out much faster.
  • ANAGELSIC / PAIN RELIEF: Photons enter as negative ions. This calls on the body to send positive ions like calcium among others to go to treatment location. These ions assist in firing the nerves, relieving pain. Excellent for arthritis, tendonitis, rheumatology, carpel tunnel, etc.
  • STIMULATES ACETYLCHOLINE and other parasympathetic effects
  • INCREASES PHAGOCYTOSIS (IMMUNE ACTIVATOR): which is the process of WBC scavenging for and ingesting dead or degenerated or derranged cells (clean up crew). Destruction of infection and other debris must be eliminated to facilitate the healing process.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL (THERMAL EFFECTS): The light we're discussing here is 660nm Red Light. Phototherapy has a long history of cross-linking proteins of infectious microbes and killign them (UVBI) etc. With 660nm red light, used together with a photoactivator/sensitizer, it has profound antimicrobial effects. Photodynamic therapy is another name.
PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy) VLF (very low frequency)
Rapid Magnetic Pulsing N / S pole 50-60 times per second. Frequency is 3-30 Khz. or Acoustic Range. Thins bodily fluids, improves circulation, separates red cells and repolarizes cell membranes; reduces pain and inflammation. Increases Immune Response & Helps Restore Bone Marrow and assists in building bone. Improves Tissue Oxygenation, Waste Removal, Nutrition Uptake. Much more on link below.
Very Low Frequency Rapid Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy
Tourmaline & Germanium Gemstone Caboshons (Tourmaline + Germanium = Tourmanium)
Natural Source of Far Infrared & Negative Ions
Green Jade Gemstone Caboshons
Natural Source of Far Infrared & Negative Ions (weaker than tourmaline)
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