Eating food devoid of it's natural life force, the enzymes, puts undue stress on our bodies by making excess demands on our genetically limited metabolic enzyme pool. Because of the denatured foods we eat, our metabolic enzymes become distracted from their tasks to help out with digestion processes. Digestive enzymes are a limited resources that is exhaustible, and we must learn to manage them wisely. Supplementing the diet with enzymes with meals, eating more salads and raw fruits and veggies, helps take some of the stress off the pancreatic secretions and tissue enzymes so they can be preserved to do what they were designed to do. Raw foods grown on good organic composted soils with good minerals have the enzymes present to digest themselves if eaten raw. Cooking destroys enzymes as does microwaves, irradiation from nuclear waste (preservative bath method used in the Food Industry for a lot of foods to lengthen their shelf life), etc. Violating the Natural Laws leaves us with poorly digested or undigested foods, some of which can pass from the lumen of the gut into the blood and stress the Immune System.
A popular analogy is this: What if I decided to use my pen as a screwdriver? What happens ? -- #1: the pen doesn't accomplish the job correctly and the job it's being used for gets left undone. #2: the pen cannot accomplish the purpose for which it was designed for any longer (write) because it was improperly put to work trying to fulfill a purpose it was not designed for, and ruined. In the end both the tools and the purposes are thwarted.
So it is in the Natural Law -- God created food to fuel our bodies to accomplish specific purposes, and eating it as close to the way it is created is the best way in a perfect world. In nature, animals rely on the endogenous enzymes in the raw foods they eat to accomplish the predigestion stage. With raw foods our bodies start digesting in the mouth, continue in the upper stomach (cardiac portion for an hour or so while waiting for Hydrochloric acid to enter the lower stomach) prior to entering the small intestines where pancreatic secretions add additional enzymes to help further digest the food. Purtrefactiion, Rancification, Fermentation all result from insuffient digestive processes which affects bowel transit time and adds stress to our bodiesl also. Predigestion lessens this.
However, since we don't live in a perfect world, we will need to compensate for the modern lifestyle choices we make like eating cooked and less than perfect foods. The body is marvelously resilient and can compensate to a point, but eventually it will start to show signs that compensatory mechanisms are starting to wear out. Usually after 40 we start to notice things like digestive problems, stiff joints and aches and pains we didn't have before. Robbing the Metabolic Enzyme Pool to help with digestion contributes to compromising the Immune Sytem. Sometimes, as Dr. Pottinger discovered, we are born with a predisposition toward Enzyme deficiencies from generations of accumulated dietary abuse (i.e. babies born unable to digest mom's milk). We are paying an increasingly difficult price from our violations of the Natural Laws ... Arthritis, Asthma, Allergies, Cancer, Hormone Imbalances, Broken Bones as a "way of life" in old age requiring hip replacements, repeat and chronic Infections from mutant organisms created by overuse of antibiotics, etc., etc. ad infinitum.
These enzymes were designed to help offset these deficiencies. Research suggests supplementing with enzymes can not only help offset the current drain on the our enzyme pool, but help repair past damage and rebuild exhausted pools in the tissues and organs, thereby working as an adjunctive antiaging therapy.
In order to help insure the most potent, effective product, we go to great lengths to make sure the fodder that these are cultured is the finest quality organic fodder possible to help insure the highest possible energy signature and effectiveness. Aspergillus Oryzae and other related species of organisms are cultured as the assembly workers, and the enzymes are extracted without heat or chemicals and since they're in a liquid state at this point, they have to be sprayed onto some sort of carrier then flash freeze dried to stabilize their activity. We choose the least hypoallergenic finest quality organic rice powder available in the market today as our carrier.
Activity units are very difficult to measure since you are literally measuring "LIFE", which is dynamic and constantly changing. Therefore, activity measurement is done according to how much of a given substrate the enzyme digests in a given time frame and a value given to that. (Federal Food Codex Measurement Values is the current Industry Standard) . In this industry, enzymes are grown with various different methods, some employ chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, etc. and other things to change pH, which can damage the resulting enzyme or lessen its activity. If enzyme activity is measured before extraction, then what you end up with is less than you started with because the extraction method alters the enzymes potential. Lots of zeros aren't a marker of potentcy or activity on a label.
These enzymes are measured after extraction, not before, to insure the most accuracy, however various factors can alter the strength of the enzymes even after extraction, such as moisture, heat. Enzymes have their own unique pH, the level of moisture and temperature they work most optimally at. Some work faster in high heat (papain from papaya for instance work best at around 103°F and are used in tanning leather), others work better and more efficiently in cooler conditions. Our goal is enzymes that work at body temperature at their optimum effectiveness in a wide pH range. Leaving your enzymes open to air (moisture) or in a hot car for instance, or exposing them to XRays (airports) can diminish their activity or destroy it. Most enzymes speed up until exhaustion (death) about 118-130°F. Keep them in a cool, dry place for best shelf life. These never "go bad"...they can just diminish in their strength with time. That's why meat ages faster in the refrigerator than in the freezer... the enzymes naturally present are always active, but are slowed down considerably in the freezer, almost to total dormancy. The same temperature concept applies to brain enzymes with high fevers...they can become denatured with high body temperatures and cause brain damage.
Because these are plant based and not animal based (pancreatic enzymes, ox bile, etc.) they have several advantages, one being they contain no purines or other potential toxins, and they function in a much wider pH range (2-12.7) so they will be active throughout the system in body tissues and organs, not just the small intestine for food digestion. While pancreatic enzymes have some benefit in certain applications, as a digestive aid they are very inadequate. They require the same pH range to activate as your own pancreatic enzymes (7.8-8.3) and if your own enzymes are inadequate or not activating due to more acidic pH, then why would an animal enzyme work any better? The answer is they usually don't. This high potency, powerful formula was designed to use with patients at our Mexican clinic, The Europa Institute, on very ill people, so we needed the widest pH we could achieve. If taken with food, 2-3 caps is recommended, but more is fine if needed. Taken on an empty stomach, these enzymes are used by the body to go after foreign proteins (immune complexes,etc.), fats, fibers, sugars, etc. that are present in the blood and lymphatic system. They are an excellent way to assist detoxification mechanisms.
SUGGESTED USE: Therapeutic use of enzymes is always done on an empty stomach (2 hrs. no food) to help digest excess proteins, fats, fiber, sugars, carbohydrates, lactose sugars. Dose varies...if used to help deliver nutrients from food, it depends on the quantity of food you are consuming and whether it is cooked or not. . .I usually take 3-4 with my meal because that is my comfort level, but a reasonable amount for the average person is 2-3 caps before, after or during meals. METABOLIC ENZYME THERAPY
ALSO, REMEMBER THESE PLANT ENZYMES ARE NATURAL AND ARE NOT A DRUG. . . SO ONE CAN'T OVERDOSE. Soft, loose stools is tolerance level. ** Caution: These are powerful entities and deserve our respect. . .proper use is critical to good results. If on drug therapy & being monitored by a physician, be sure to watch your body's responses as medication levels which may need to be reduced...these will potentize anything taken with them, delivering as much as 90% of the substance rather than the normal 5-25% of it. Diabetics need to watch insulin levels for adjustments (usually requiring less because the blood sugar stabilizes). Also, these are powerful detoxification aids and I suggest drinking a lot of purified (distilled or R.O. water) if using them therapeutically. Safe for lactating moms, kids, dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, chickens, etc. **
Enyzme Origins: No animal organs or extracts of organs are used. Cultured enzymes are exactly that--they're made from culturing substrates with microbes of various species of microbes including vectors from fungal species such as aspergillus orazae, niger, bacterial cultures, etc. The enzymes are strained off and purified. There are no fungi, yeasts, or bacteria in these products. They are simply the manufacturing houses (surrogates).

Enzyme Product Description
Available in 100 cap or 500 cap bottles or 7.5 oz. Powder
100 CAP $26.00
500 CAP $ 100.00
7.5 OZ. POWDER $90.00
AMYLASE COMPLEX 325 mg./per cap
Digests full range of carbohydrates & sugars including grains, starches (maltase, diastase), dairy sugars (lactase), simple sugars (sucrase/invertase), vegetable matter, etc. THE FACT PANEL BELOW IS PER 4 CAPULES. DIVIDE BY 4 TO GET 1 CAP.
100 CAP $24.00
Pure Cellulase. Our bodies don't make this enzyme. It must be supplied from the outside when one is eating cooked vegetables and fruits, grains, etc. Digests insoluable fibers.
100 CAP $24.00
100 CAP $26.00
 LIPASE 325 mg./cap
Lipase Complex. Digests all fats including those from fish, oils, nuts, meat, avacado, butter, cheese, etc.
100 Caps $24.00
PROTEASE COMPLEX 325 mg./per cap 100 CAPS
Digests all proteins including albumin (egg white & human proteins), fish proteins, meats, plant proteins like soy, foul, dairy (whey, colostrum) etc.
100 Caps $25.00
Enzyme Complex w/High Protease +Anthocyanidins
100 CAP $50.00
POWERFUL! BRAND NEW Fibrin Dissolving Enzyme from Asia. Not only directly digests fibrin but acts to activate the body's own tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) to manage microthrombi and blood sludge more effectively itself. Short half life of 90 min. so must be taken in several doses throughout the day. Reduced risk of bleeds and brusing like with asprin or heparin. Better targeting than a shot-gun approach with Bromelain and Pancreatic extracts, etc. Used in Cardiovascular conditions and in Inflammatory conditions and also selectively in adunctive Cancer protocols under physicians care only.**
60 Capsules $103.00 / 120 Caps $180.00
15% discount for 6+ bottles

* All Enzymes measured according to FDA Federal Food Codex industry standard except Bolouke® which is USP standards
References: Edward Howell, M.D., Ph.D., "Enzyme Nutrition" & "Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity"; John Beard, D.Sc., "Enzyme Treatment of Cancer and Its Scientific Basis"; Max Wolf, M.D., Karl Ransberger, M.D. " Enzyme Therapy"; Anthony Cichoke, D.C. "Enzymes & Enzyme Therapy"; D.A. Lopez, M.D., R. Williams, M.D. Ph..D., M. Mielhlke, M.D., "Enzymes, The Fountain of Life"."The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy"; Anthony Cichoke, D.C., Abraham Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D., 1999.
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