(Specially targeted form of L-Lysine bound w/B13, Orotic Acid)
From the Hans Nieper Formulary
L-Lysine Orotate is a special form of the amino acid Lysine. It has been used for over 40 years. Created originaly by Dr.Hans Nieper of Hannover, Germany, it is L-Lysine bound to Orotic Acid using a special targeted delivery system which allows it to only have its function on the mitrochondria of the cell and no where else. This targeted type of delivery system makes this product the most effective form of Lysine anywhere since we can directly affect specific cells and specific conditions.
Helps Absorption and Conservation of Calcium
Synthesize Collagen
Increases Growth Hormone Secretion
Activates Bone Osteoblast Formation
Increases Kidney Secretion of Uric Acid
Reduces Lipid Deposits in Arterial Walls
Binds Lipoprotein-a Reducing Placques
Helps repair leaky blood vessels for those w/low vitamin C tissue levels
BENEFICIAL USES (From Dr.Nieper's Training)
Acne, 3 caps 2 x/day
ALS (Lou Gherigs): 3-4 caps, 4 x per day
Arthritis: 2-3 caps, 2 x per day
Bone Loss and Fractures: 3 caps daily
Canker Sores / Viral Blisters: 2-3 caps 2 x per day
Dandruff: 2 caps per day
Gout: 2 caps 2 x per day
Herpes: 2 caps 2 x per day
High Cholesterol & Triglycerides: 2 caps 2 x per day
Leg cramps: 2 before bed
Psoriasis: 1-2 caps 3 x per day
Wound Healing: 2 caps 2 x per day
L-Lysine Orotate + LCO-7 Ozonide Serum
We've used this successfully clinically as an anti-herpes class viruses such as Herpes I,II, EBV (Epstein Barr), Influenzas, etc.)
The goal with this kit is to do two things...
1. Blocks transcription & replication of viruses in the mitrochondria where instructions for replication come from
2. Kill existing infected cells
L-Lysine Orotate strongly inhibits viral replication by interferring with the mitrochrondial RNA transcription process. Together with the LCO-7 Ozonide Serum which is a broad spectrum antimicrobial, it works well to manage these infections naturally. We suggest combining it with High Dose Vitamin C & Powdered Aloe Extract which is antiviral.
Acute Active Infection: L-LYSINE OROTATE: Use 2 capsules 3x/day on an empty stomach. Put 2-3 drops of LCO-7 into
distilled room temp water and swallow, 3 times daily. Also rub drops of LCO-7
Topically on area lymph nodes for added help. (you'll smell like clove) on Neck, Abdomen or Chest, Groin, etc.
Maintenance: 2 caps 2 x per day on empty stomach/ LCO-7 as needed.
Vitamin C Powder: 5-10 grams C-Salts from Wholesale Nutrition, twice daily (wait for fizz to stop before drinking).
Recommended Use: 2 tabs L.O. 3 times per day between meals, 5 days on, 2 off. LCO-7 Serum topically several times per day or as needed. May also be rubbed into surrounding lymph for more effects. Can be taken in water internally as well. See the LCO-7 Link below for more information
Our patients report excellent results in eliminating active leisions & other symptoms. The LCO-7 all by itself is a potent broad spectrum antimicrobial which can be used topically, in water douches, rectal implants, etc.
LCO-7 Ozonide Serum Flyer
Also, if high stress levels are present, we add Adrenal Cortex Drops and B6,B12, Folic Acid sublingual tabs, 2-3 daily or as needed, and Nano-Magnesium sublingual plus Mag.Chloride foot soaks or baths with twice the normal amount of salts in the bath. Only do magnesium soaks when ready to sleep, usually before bed.
Antiviral Kit: (1) bottle LCO-7 and (2) bottles L-Lysine Orotate, 50 ct. ea. $87.50 (A 1 month supply of L-Lysine O.)
OTHER ANTIVIRAL SUGGESTIONS: BHT POWDER & COD LIVER OIL IN ORANGE JUICE (A & D strengthens tissues and inhibits outbreaks); 200:1 Active Aloe Powder daily. (Aloe Corp).

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