Formerly "MSS02"
(100% Modified Liquid Silicon for Ingestion & Topical Use)
MLS-02™ is a high pH solution that helps maintain proper cellular pH, cellular metabolism, oxygenation, immune system function and improves overall health.*
It contains a proprietarily processed modified liquid silicon (MLS) which takes simple silicon and changes it into a much more complex compound. There are no added minerals or chemicals....everything it contains is a direct result of the processing method.
It has some unusual characteristics not found in organic silica or other alkalizing products... there are various silica based products in the chemical industry, but no one makes a product with the characteristics of this product... it is highly controlled precise process, in carefully guarded laboratory conditions and cannot be duplicated by anyone else, despite the efforts of those who have tried over time.
In its concentrated form, it has a pH of 14.3 & In 2% solution it has a pH of about 11.0
Despite its high pH, which normally would be caustic to tissue, it is non-toxic to humans, animals, livestock when ingested or used topically
It has surfactant properties (separates oils from their surrounding chemicals)
It is FDA GRAS certified (Generally Recognized As Safe)
Some of the commercial uses has been in the European Seed-Oil Industry (non-toxic way to separate the oil from the seeds) and a lesser grade in the automotive industry. It is just now being introduced into the human nutrition market.
pH values between 6.8 and 7.8 are compatible with human life, with normal functioning of the human body. The importance of pH balance in maintaining health cannot be overstated. Everything affects it --foods, oxygenation, waste removal, attitude, hormones, exercize, breathing, etc. Most Americans are generally running in what is called "chronic acidosis"... chronic state of over acidity. In medicine, blood acidiosis is considered life-threatening, and is for instance a common fight for patients with diabetes, for instance...if blood is below 7.4, you get progessively more ill until death, usually around 7.0...also, blood being too alkaline can happen also and that can be life threatening above 7.5...with death around 8.0
pH Ranges--its not as simple as just what you eat. It has to do with what you DO also...and you have to ask the question "What am I measuring the pH of, and why ?"...
A not well know fact that affect body pH are lungs (blood gases)...Respiratory Acidosis is very dangerous. Not breathing well will not provide enough oxygen for the metabolic needs and metabolic ash byproducts cannot be inactivated or excreted as well and tend to build up...lack of exercize and movement or being in a toxic air environment can do it as well...such as an automobile attempted suicides breathing exhaust...(yeah, its extreme...but you get the picture).
Metabolic Acidosis: breakdown of proteins (nitrogen) produces ash. Over consumption of protein foods, bad water, bad air, which produces excess nitrogen and produce excess ash can acidify tissues. Hormonal feedback systems can affect lower body temps...low thyroxin conversion exists where the body temp is below 98.6 (Wilson's Syndrome)...the body requires oxygen for thyroxin conversion, for utilization of iodine to make thyroxin, etc. Excess toxic estrogens inhibit conversion also by blocking the action of progesterone, whose influence encourages enzymatic conversion of thyroxin to its active T3 form and burning of fuels and dispelling of waste...
The following are considered healthy pH ranges for various tissues & organs. (Note: pH changes throughout the day. What we need to avoid is acidosis--or alkylosis--either extreme indicates an unhealthy state. Normal Tissue pH ranges at normal body temperature (98.6 ºF / 37ºC) are generally accepted to be:
Intracellular pH (fluid inside cells) 6.8-7.0 (potassum inside, sodium outside)
Extracellular pH (fluid around the outside of cells, between interticial spaces--connective tissue) should have more sodium and be around 7.4
Blood & Serum: 7.365 optimal at 98.6 degrees F. Even very slight changes can have horrible consequences.
Urine: 6.0 to 6.5 in the morning and 6.5 to 7.0 in the evening is healthy but it can range from 4.0-8.0 depending on tissue minerals & foods. (Note: Kidneys work to filter blood to keep blood pH normal. Kidney damage or inefficiency due to dehydration can alter bodily pH pretty fast...)
Saliva: 6.5 to 7.5 when taken throught the day is normal. It is not as accurate as blood since mouth bacteria affect it as well as food. Taken 2 hrs. from food or drink, upon rising is best in the a.m. before drinking water or anything. Consistenty below 6.2 is considered unhealthy and you need to take action since its a reflection of lack of body calcium reserves, kidney trouble or hormone trouble.
Colon: 6.5-6.8 depending on flora and their waste products. Good bacteria prefer slightly acidic base.
Small Intestine: 7.45-7.6 depending on electrolyte levels, food and flora metabolic byproducts
Pancreatic Enzyme/ Secretions: 7.35-7.4 is optimal. The higher or lower the pH, the less active the enzymes are and they become nonfunctional in either extreme.
Body pH Information Links
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THE pH MIRACLE by Robert O. Young, Ph.D.
Dr. Young is a microbiologist & AltMed. researcher and collegue, and the founder of "InnerLight", an MLM company focusing on alkalyzing health products & homeopathics. We have no affiliation with either Dr.Young or his companies whatsoever (and I don't always agree with some of his premises either especially on fungal stuff...). I know him from discussions at conferences over the years and telephone. We believe he has written one of the most comprehensive books on the pH subject, which is why we offer the info.w/links to for ordering.

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