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Once a person's mercury fillings have been removed, a systemic
detoxification for mercury needs to be carried out. That's
because mercury attaches itself to protein molecules throughout
the body and it does not leave by itself. The mercury needs help
in order to exit the body. The goal of detoxification essentially is
to excrete more mercury each day than one takes in. The rate at
which this can be accomplished depends upon the individual and
how efficiently one's body works. In other words it depends on
how healthy the person is that's doing the detox.

The major organs of detoxification are the liver, the kidneys, and
the skin. The liver is the major player in this scenario. One does
not have a healthy liver unless one has a healthy colon. Because
most Americans live in urban areas, their livers are under
constant stress from the toxins in the air, water, and food that
most urban Americans are exposed to. Add to this burden the
mercury from fillings and soon the liver can be overwhelmed and
congested. The liver dumps its toxic waste into the colon for
removal from the body, in fact, 85% of the mercury ordinarily is
excreted through the feces. If the colon is not healthy,
particularly if one is constipated and incapable of moving the
feces efficiently out of the body, the mercury can be reabsorbed
from the colon and recirculated back into the body. This makes
the detox process long, often difficult and frustrating. The best
way to get a colon healthy is to have ozone colonics (see web
link). This, in turn, greatly assists the liver by allowing the liver to
purge toxins so it won't become overloaded with toxic waste.

The kidneys usually account for the other 15% of the body's
mercury excretion. Mercury usually is complexed to large
molecules when it is processed for excretion but the kidneys can't
handle molecules that are too large. Many detox agents are
referred to as chelating agents and are large molecules to begin
with so this singles them out for liver processing. When detoxing
for mercury it is important to drink large amounts of pure water.

When neither the liver nor the kidneys are capable of handling all
the mercury, the skin often is called on to excrete toxins through
its pores. This may cause rashes, itching, and eruptions such as
zits since once the toxins escape through the pores of the skin
they sit on the surface of the skin and act as an irritant, thus the
itching and rashes, etc. The mercury also can be reabsorbed
back through the skin's pores if it remains on the surface too
long. By this discussion it is easy to see that mercury
detoxification can be quite problematic.

Exercise is helpful in detox since the mercury can leave through
the pores of the skin and sweat glands when capillary beds, near
the surface of the skin, are filled with the blood to try to cool the
body during exercise. Saunas can be helpful too, except never
enter a sauna with mercury fillings in your teeth since the
elevated temperature of the sauna radically increases the rate at
which mercury escapes from the fillings and you get poisoned
faster. Anything you do to heat the fillings causes more mercury
to come out. This includes consuming hot liquids and foods as
well as any activity that increases the temperature of the fillings
such as gritting or grinding your teeth, having fillings polished,
chewing gum or even brushing your teeth can add frictional heat
to them and thus release mercury more rapidly. Smoking also has
the same affect.

It is important to recognize that fish and seafood are the richest
dietary source of mercury. Therefore if your goal is to eliminate
mercury from your body it makes little sense to increase your
body's burden of mercury by taking it in dietarily. There are many
agents that can be useful or helpful in removing mercury from the
body. The most important thing to realize is that this is an
individualized process. Just because something works well for one
person is no guarantee that it will work well for another person.
Just as importantly, one must recognize that doses must be
individualized as well. A cookbook detox protocol approach is
often doomed to failure, or worse yet to disaster. There is no
"one- size-fits-all" approach for mercury detox. The patient (and
his supervising doctor) must recognize that a particular formula
and dose of that formula needs to be achieved on an individual
basis - often by trial and error. A good "rule of thumb" is to start
with low doses of detox agents and graduate to stronger
amounts as your body's efficiency dictates. Most patients who
have mercury poisoning do not have bodies that work efficiently.
This all goes back to understanding that it is really a person's
state of health that dictates how efficaciously the body will
excrete mercury.

A partial listing of agents often used in mercury detoxification

NDF (Nanocolloidal Detox Factors)
PCA (Peptide Clathrating Agent)
Cliantro extract
BAL (British Anti-Lewisite)
DMPS (Dimercapto Propane-Sulfonate)
DMSA (Dimercapto Sucinnic Acid)
Lipoic Acid
Vitamin C
MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

Mercury's favorite state in nature is to be combined with sulfur.
Many foods contain sulfur and can be somewhat beneficial when
detoxing for mercury. A partial listing of such foods includes:


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