100% PURE Water Soluable Elemental Mono-Atomic Magnesium
Our Nano-Magnesium product is a unique dietary supplement of pure elemental Magnesium in an aqueous solution manufactured for us using an advanced proprietary delivery system. It is 100% bioavailable immediately. Pure ELEMENTAL Magnesium in the purest and smallest particle form of nanometer /angstrom suspended into purified water. This magnesium is not bound to any other mineral ( i.e. magnesium sulphate = epson salts. Magnesium + sulphur), which is only about 15% utilized by the body. When this is ingested, it is immediately available for the body to use where it needs since IT DOES NOT REQUIRE DIGESTION. All powdered mineral products are dependant on digestion and absorbtion which can vary alot.
For our medical clinic in Tijuana, Dr.Bormann wanted something with rapid absorption and not dependant on digestion. We frequently give retention enemas for liver and stomach cancer patients who cannot digest their food and are severely mineral deficient and this product works like a charm consistently. Oral buccal (mouth) absorption is about 100% and so we switched to liquid pure minerals some years ago.
Rapid relief from muscle cramps and spasms.
Great for kids, animals and any mammal.
Helps the nervous system cope with stress
Helps reduce moodiness and emotional stress
Muscles dependant on Magnesium for proper function
Calcium cannot be used in the body without Magnesium. Magnesium regulates it.
Off-sets the hardening effects of too much calcium which deposits in tissues & joints & blood vessels ("hardening of the arteries")
Helps maintain healthy sleep patterns
Helps Bowels stay regular through nerve pathways
Great way to get minerals into Kids who don't like to eat veggies or fruit or nuts. Mix into favorite juice or smoothie !

Bottle Size: 16 fl. oz.
Serving Size: 1/2 oz. or 1 oz.
No.Servings per Container: 60-120 depending on serving size
Amt.per Bottle: 4500 mg./ 9000 mg/L.
Amt. Per Serving: 1/2 oz.=135 mg./1 oz. = 270 mg. Pure Elemental Monoatomic Magnesium
Other Ingredients: Purified Water
Hypoallergenic. No added flavorings, sugars, preservatives.
No corn, HFCS, sugars, gluten, egg, soy products or byproducts.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: May be taken with or without food. Safe for Adults, Children, Pets. A bitter taste is normal. Hold in mouth as long as possible for maximum absorption. Chase with water. It will taste sweet. This is the hallmark of pure magnesium.

CHILDREN: Use 1/2 Adult Dose or as directed.
TISSUE LOADING: 1 oz.3 x daily held under the tongue before swallowing, for 14 days or as directed. May be mixed with small amount of distilled water if too strong. Chase with water and it will taste sweet immediately.
ACUTE: For Charlie Horses / Muscle Spasms / Arterial Spasms, Aortic Spasms, Angina, Insomnia, Extreme Stress, etc. May take up to 3 oz. straight per dose until relief, which is almost immediate. Chase with water. Do it as often as needed until cramp subsides. If being used with chest pains and it does not resolve after an hour, seek medical attention. Great to help relax pregnant women going into prelabor and having "Braxton HIcks" false labor. Check with physician or midwife to confirm its use if in question.
MAINTENANCE: 1/2 -1 tsp. twice daily or as directed.
TOPICAL: Can be used as a rub or soak with heat pads. Localized Spasms: Soak a washcloth in warm to hot magnesium liquid and apply to affected area and cover with plastic. Put towel over and a head pad or hydrocolator to increase relaxing effect. Follow up with foot rub with a good oil like Almond Oil to seal it in. Great after a long day !
INHALATION THERAY: Pour Nano-Mag liquid into a nebulizer or humidifier and breath for 20-30 minutes to soothe coughing and other lung irritations. Also can be added to other nebulized inhalation therapy like R-Glutathione.
RECTAL ENEMA: Pour room temp or slightly warm NanoMag into an enema bottle or bag and after a bowel movement. Hold until absorbed. Great to use when patient has been vomiting in place of an IV to help restore electrolytes. Can be mixed with Nano-Potassium and Chlorite also or use our Nano-Electrolyte Formula. for rapid absorption.
CAUTION: Magnesium is a natural relaxant. May cause drowsiness. Best done before bedtime. Loose bowels can result if high doses are used. Keep in a safe place away from Childrens reach. Discontinue if adverse effects occur.

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